Thank you for your interest in my research

I am repeating some research that I started in 2006. When I first carried this work out I did not get enough participants to be able to perform any meaningful analysis. At the time this was not so important as the work was done as part of an MSc dissertation in Applied computing, so the software was more inportant than the data analysis.

Now, having teamed up with my daughters, Ewa and Ela, one a Psychology graduate, the other a Psychology undergraduate, like me, I am repeating the research. Hopefully, this time around, we will get enough participants to test the idea that Keystroke dynamics has a future as a diagnostic tool for dyslexia.
I developed a small program which presents participants with three small typing exercises to complete. This program collects information about the keystrokes made during these exercises and writes them to a file. The program also asks the participant to provide the following information:
an email adress,
age and
whether the participant is dyslexic. Participants thus remain anonymous, the last three data being used to group participants for the purposes of data analysis.

The program is available for download and installation.

To take part in my research, please click on the "Participate" link in the menu on the right of the page and download the application and the consent form. Please complete the Consent form and return it to me by email to:

There is a readme.txt file as part of the zip file.
The program itself provides all instructions and generates a data file which you will be prompted to email to me. The program can be easily uninstalled aftr use via Control Panel and Add/Remove Software.
The program makes no changes to system parameters.